Jeremy Guthrie Locks His Sneakers In A Vault

Thousands of dollars are put into a sneaker collection, and with many collections containing limited and rare releases that are hard to come by these days, appropriate measures must be taken to preserve the quality and safety of the sneakers.

For most people, this means keeping them in a damp-free, smoke-free environment, with the sneakers tucked neatly into their boxes to protect them dust and any other elements that may be floating around. For some people though, that’s not enough. They need more protection. More assurance that their sneakers are safeguarded at all times.

Jeremy Guthrie is one of those people. Guthrie, who’s a pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles, had a vault built inside his home to give his sneaker collection that extra protection. He recently tweeted a picture of his sneaker vault on Twitter, and from what we can see he’s just as much into sneakers as he is baseball. Some of the sneakers spotted in the picture include the Air Jordan 11 “Concord”, the Nike Hyperdunk “McFly”, the Air Jordan 3 “True Blue” and what looks to be a Air Jordan 11 “Cool Grey” cleat. We’ve seem some pretty sick sneaker displays before, but Jeremy Guthrie tops them all with his sneaker vault.

One can dream.

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