Nike Dunk High – Big Bad Wolf Customs


When i saw the detail put into these custom Nike Dunks by YoaKustoms i was blown away. YoaKustoms went with a design inspired by the face of a wolf, or a Big Bad Wolf in this case. The various shades of grey and black placed throughout the design to repersent the wolfs fur looks amazing and you can tell the color placement was well thought out before hand to give you an authentic look. The big red eyes defiantly pop out at you and the mean grin along the frontal showing off the teeth helps added to the whole Big Bad Wolf theme. Its the little things that make a big difference though on these Nike Dunks. For example the ears which YoaKustoms added the back around the ankle. Did you catch that at first? Such a little feature which helps wrap things up in big way. Hit the jump to check more pictures of the custom Big Bad Wolf Nike Dunks and check out the detail and concentration that went into them.



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