Video: The LeBrons – Episode 5 “Superstition”

Think about creating your own path in life, one that speaks directly to you.

That’s the message LeBron James passes on to kids this week in the newest episode of his animated web series, The LeBrons. Titled “Superstition”, Athlete comes to find out that Kid is his lucky rabbit’s foot, and that whenever he isn’t around his game is off on the court. Athlete depends on Kid to come to his games to give him the luck that he needs, but Kid has a life of his own too. With the school dance coming up and his high school crush expected to be there, Kid is left with the decision, does he go and sit courtside and act as Athlete’s lucky charm, or does he skip out and go to the school dance with his friends in hopes of catching the girl? Find out below in episode 5 of The LeBrons.


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