Video: The LeBrons “Coach” – Episode 4

Today brings us the 4th episode of LeBron James’ animated cartoon series, The LeBrons. In this episode, titled “Coach”, Kid LeBron learns that true success takes more than just talent, and that in order to truly be successful at something he has to be dedicated and work hard.

Some valuable lessons have been passed down to kids and young adults through the animated series, so far. In episode 1, The LeBrons taught us that two wrongs don’t make a right. In episode 2, we learned that the decisions somebody else makes may not always be the right choice for us and that we should always lead our own path, instead of trying to follow in somebody else’s. In episode 3, last weeks episode, The LeBrons showed us how important it is to stick by family through thick and thin, cause in the end, family always has your back. We applaud LeBron James for his efforts in trying to help induce morals into the youth of today. Some of them so desperately need it.

Check out episode 4 of the The LeBrons below and stay tuned for a new episode every Tuesday.


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