DC Landau S “Bondo” – DC Skate “Common Bond” Series

Over the years, skateboarding has become a universal language. For many it’s what ties otherwise unlikely people together, forging a brotherhood between groups of people who normally wouldn’t associate with each other had it not been for their common bond of skateboarding.

With that being said, DC Shoes is pleased to introduce the Landau S “Bondo”, the second installment in the DC Skate “Common Bond” Series. This particular version of the low-top Landau S is inspired by Bondo, a two-part putty that’s original intent was to be used to repair body damage on cars. With its fast drying durability, skateboarders adopted Bondo to repair cracks and ledges at their skate spots. The Landau’s Grey colorway represents the color of Bondo before it’s mixed. DC used a premium cracked suede full grain leather on the Landau to replicate concrete, and red swirls on the sole of the shoe to represent when hardener is mixed in with Bondo. Traditional DC Super Suede is featured on the toecap to finish off the shoe, helping it to last longer and skate better.

The Landau S “Bondo” is a limited release available through DC’s webstore and select distributors.

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