DunkXChange Detroit – September 11


DunkXChange is coming to Detroit tomorrow, September 11 from 6pm to 12pm midnight at St. Andrews Hall.  Because of the significance of the date, this DunkXChange will have a special theme.  In order to pay homage to those that lost their lives on September 11, 2001, DunkXChange will donate a portion of the entrance fee to the 9/11 relief fund.

A special shoe auction will also be taking place tomorrow featuring 2 custom-made sneakers designed and created by Rebel Aire.  Both shoes will be tributes to fallen hip hop artists, Jay Dilla and Proof of D12.  Canvas artwork will be included with the purchase of both sneakers.  The money earned from the auction will go to the charities of the artists’ choice.

This is clearly a particularly special event given the significance.  People are asked to support the charities and have a good time tomorrow, September 11.  For your enjoyment, there will be musical acts.

The entrance fee is $15 but it is clearly going to a good cause.  If you have any further questions about the events, hit up the DXC people at dunkxchange@hotmail.com.

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