Ebay Find: New Era x Nike Air Force One Hats


The recently released New Era x Nike Air Force One fitted hat collaboration was a huge success and sold out within minutes of release at Nike Sportswear flagship store in NYC. We have seen some of the hats being sold on Ebay for prices up around $80 to $90 a piece. However in the online Ebay shop of Tekavolvers Collectibles you can find the New Era AF1 hats for $60 (BIN). Hes a power seller with legit products and also a known member on sites such as ISS. There are only 6 available 5 available (i just bought one), 3 in a 7 1/2, 1 in a 7 3/4 and 2 1 in a 7 5/8. If you had any interest in these hats and couldnt get them when they were released heres your best shot at snatching one up for a decent price. Chances are you will not find the caps for sale to much cheaper then this so jump on them now if you want. Check out the auction for the New Era Air Force One hats right here.

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