– Online Auction Site Dedicated To Sneaker Heads

Fake sneakers are an increasingly popular item sold on the internet and these days they’re becoming more difficult to spot as counterfeiters improve their methods of production. Thousands of consumers are ripped off every year by scam-artists, and unfortunately for some, they never have a clue and go on thinking those Grape Jordan 5’s they bought for $40 are the real deal.

In an attempt to weed out the fakes, a sneaker enthusiast by the name of Jordan Walker is launching An online auction site dedicated to sneaker heads, SoleAuction employs an eagle-eyed authentication team that reviews every auction listed to ensure the sneakers are legitimate. The new site is setup to ensure all auctions feature authentic sneakers so buyers can feel confident in their sneaker purchases. The site is monitored daily by the authentication team whose job it is to spot illegitimate sellers and fraudulent auctions. If fake sneakers are spotted, the auction will be immediately shut down and the seller BANNED.

SoleAuction focuses on authentic Nike and Air Jordan shoes but your sure to find plenty of shoe’s from Reebok, Puma, Bape, Adidas and Converse as well. It cost nothing to join SoleAuction and most importantly, there’s no sellers fees like there are on other auction sites. will officially launch on March 19th, 2011. In the meantime, for further updates on the launch visit the SoleAuction website and sign up for the newsletter.

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