Nike Air Force 1 “Sneaker Speakers” by Nash Money

Theres sneaker customizers who paint sneakers and theres sneaker customizers who create sneakers. While there’s a lot of painters, there’s very few creators. Nash Money is part of that elite group of creators. He doesn’t just paint sneakers (not that there’s anything wrong with that), he conducts footwear autopsies. Like a doctor, Nash disassembles old battered sneakers and reconstructs them into what he calls his “handiwork hybrids”, which once included a bike seat made out of a Nike Free Trail 5.0 shoe.

Nash Money’s latest creation is probably his coolest and most innovative yet. Using an Air Force 1, he’s created a functional speaker system which can be hooked up to a computer or just about any audio device. Crystal clear sound is delivered through two speakers fixed within the outsole of the sneakers, fully adjustable through dials on the midsole controlling the volume, terrible, bass and surround. A toggle switch allows you to turn the speakers on and off and a red LED near the dials lets you know whether or not they’re powered. Nash completed the setup by fixing the sneakers to nice wooden platforms so they can easily be mounted on a desk near a computer (wish it was my computer).

The Nike Air Force 1 Sneaker Speakers are 1-of-a-kind and will not be duplicated. They were commissioned by London-based graphic design studio Intercity for an art competition run by Havana Club. Check out some detailed photos of the sneaker speakers and the process that went into making them below and than head over to Art&Sole to read the Nash Money interview about the sneakers.

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