Feit Shoes On Sale @ PLNDR

PLNDRjust kicked off a major sale on Feit shoes. For those of you not in the know, Feit (pronounced “Fight”) is a luxury Australian shoe company created by shoe makers Tull Price and Rodney Adler, formerly of Royal Elastics. Self described as the modern-day cobble, Feit produces limited quantities of handmade sneakers using only the finest materials available in the world. Their limited offerings and hands-on production allows for them to ensure each sneaker is masterly crafted and that there’s absolutely no flaws, which are common ground for sneakers that are mass produced on an assembly line. Price and Adler take great pride in making sneakers and it definitely goes to show through their creations. You can spot their shoes on the feet of plenty of celebrities including Jay-Z, who’s known to have quite a few pairs in his personal collection.

Normally, Feit sneakers range between $150-$300, but if you jump on the sale PLNDR is having you can scoop a pair up at 50-70% off retail price. The sale starts today and ends on Sunday, February 20th. PLNDR is a members only, online streetwear boutique and their sales are only open to members. Membership is free and requires no more than an email address, so if you haven’t signed up yet make sure you do so you can get in on all the exclusive sales regularly hosted on the site.

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