Nike SB Dunk High “Statue of Liberty” – More New Pictures

As the sneakers make their way into the hands of retailers, we’re presented with more new images of the Nike SB Dunk High “Statue of Liberty”. This newest batch of photo’s comes to us from Greenhill Skate Shop, a boutique located in Germany, who just received the sneakers. To represent one of America’s most iconic landmarks, the sneakers feature a mutli-layer upper consisting of a Seagreen topcoat, a copper undercoat and a silver base coat. Once the sneakers are put into their element and their skated in and begin to get scuffed up, the hidden layers start to become visible as the asphalt peals each layer away. The effect isn’t shown in these photos but you can see it here. It’s a concept that depicts how the Statue of Liberty is actually copper but appears to be green due to patination, the chemical reaction between metal and water that corrodes copper and turns it green. In case that doesn’t get the point across, the headshot of Lady Liberty on the tongue tag and insoles makes it pretty apparent where the inspiration for these sneakers comes from.

The Nike SB Dunk High “Statue of Liberty” is one of the quickstrike releases for the month of February and is not available at every Nike SB retailer. Visit your local retailer now to check on the availability in your area.

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