Nike Zoom Kobe VI “3D” Will Come With 3D Glasses

Correction: This was simply a marketing ploy and Nike has confirmed the sneakers will not come with a pair of 3D glasses.

When images of the Nike Zoom Kobe VI “3D” hit the web a couple days ago a lot of people wondered whether or not the sneakers would come with a pair of 3D glasses. We figured they would cause what’s the sense of a releasing a 3D enhanced sneaker without the glasses to give you the full effect. There were no pics of the glasses to prove such a thing though, so we didn’t exactly jump ahead of ourselves. However, thanks to, we can now confirm that the Zoom Kobe VI “3D” will indeed come with a pair of 3D glasses. And not the cheap carboard kind either. The glasses shown in this new photo are more along the lines of the plastic ones you get when you go to a 3D movie. Still cheap, but not as cheap. Neither here nor there though, the glasses are what complete the sneakers and allows you to see the 3D enhanced scales. If you thought the textured scales jumped on the sneaker before, wait until you pop those 3D glasses on.

Stay tuned for further details on a release date.

UPDATE: Nike Zoom Kobe VI “3D” Release Date

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