Intergalactic Sneaker Rescue Omega

Sneakers collide with the world of 8-bit video games in the Intergalactic Sneaker Rescue Omega. Presented by Foot Locker Europe, the retro style video game is based on the same concept as the classic video game Asteroids. However, instead of a flying in a spaceship, you have a rocket-propelled, machine gun-totting sneaker. And instead of protecting the world from asteroids you’re fighting off the Evil Shoe Army. The shoes of choice to take flight in are a Converse Chuck Taylor, a Timberland 6-inch Boot, a Nike Shox or an adidas Superstar, all of which come fully equipped with their own special weapons.

Follow this link to check it out. I’ve been playing all night. In fact, I’m head there now that this post is finished.

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