Pre-Order: Nike Air Max NM – Varsity Red/Black-White

After sitting in the vault for 15-years the Nike Air Max Nomo will finally emerge from the shadows and grace showroom floors once again. Some of our older readers will remember the Nomo as the signature shoe of former Los Angeles Dodgers pitching ace Hideo Nomo. The shoe’s look exactly the same as they did year’s ago, with this Varsity Red/Black-White colorway being one of the originals from back than. The only difference is the name of the shoe. Since Hideo is no longer under Nike contract, both of the o’s have been dropped from the name and the shoes are known referred to as the Nike Air Max NM. This particular colorup isn’t expected to release until sometime next month, but if you do the whole pre-order thing and you’re interested in order a pair now, forgetting about them and being surprised when they arrive outta-the-blue, you can place a pre-order for a pair now through footwear_depot, a trusted and well respected eBay seller.

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