Video: Complex x Sony Piiq x Supra Skytop II

Some of the Supra Footwear team members sit down to quickly discuss the Skytop II’s they designed for the Complex x Sony Piiq sweepstakes, while images of the shoes flash across the screen to catch your attention. Representing the Piiq brand and their impact resistant headphones, the Skytop II is built using Supra’s extremely durable TUF material in a black and yellow bumble bee color scheme to match the toughness and colorful appearance of the headphones. In addition, the Piiq logo replaces the standard Supra logo on the heel stamp as a way to brand the collaboration. Check the video out below and if you haven’t already done so, enter for your chance to win 1 of 10 pairs through the Complex x Sony Piiq sweepstakes.


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