250 Pair Sneaker Collection for sale on Ebay


Do you just so happen to have 70,000 dollars sitting around to spend on sneakers? Probably not but believe it or not some people do as shown in this ebay auction for 250 pairs of sneakers here. There are over 60 bids and the highest (at the time of posting this) is $70,000. The sneaker collection contains of boat load of Dunks, SB Dunks, Jordans, Air Max, Blazers and a few other assorted models. There are also a lot of rare and limited edition sneakers scattered throughout the collection. All the sneakers are a size 10US and are in DS condition with the original boxes and tissue still in the shoes. Theres no telling if the highest bidder at this time is a legit bid or not but theres about a day and a half left so im sure we will see even a higher bid before this all ends. Follow the jump to check out a few more pics from the auction. To get a list of every signle sneaker involved in the auction, along with an image of every sneaker check out the auction here.




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