DC LIFE “Please Stand By” Pack

“Our grandfather read the newspaper, our dad watched the news, and we tweet. Analog is dead…Though the fear is evident, what if the internet died? Would people be ok and or as patient as past generations were upon being asked to “Please Stand By…”? That’s the the unusual notion thought this new pack from DC LIFE. Cleverly titled the “Please Stand By”, the two-sneaker pack is inspired by the era when TV was the fastest way for people to learn what was going on around the world. DC’s Sector 7 SE and Admiral SE model’s lead the way in the pack, both of which feature leather and suede mixed uppers with TV inspired graphics, including black and white static, SMPTE color bars and a “Please Stand By” message.

The DC LIFE “Please Stand By” Pack is scheduled to release on December 4th, 2010, during the conclusion of Art Basel in Miami. A look at the Sector 7 SE follows below.

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