Li-Ning YU Shuai V “Wooden Cow”

Digging deep into ancient Chinese history, Li-Ning created this YU Shuai V with a design that’s said to be inspired by the age-old military vehicle known as the Wooden Cow. Dating back to the period of Three Kingdoms ( AD 220-280), the wooden cow was a mobile shelter created by Zhu Liang, the Chancellor of Shu Han and the original Hidden Dragon, which was used to protect his soldiers during attacks on cities surrounded by walls where treats from above we’re always a danger. To bring the wooden cow to life on the YU Shuai V, the signature model of Jose Calderon, Li-Ning gave the sneakers a wood-grain like finish, which is joined by accents of white, a few hits of green and a speckle pattern on the midsole and outsole. We’re not quite sure what makes these a tribute to the wooden cow, as opposed to the wooden horse chariot from the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, but the Chinese characters on the heel of each shoe and on the insoles may help to further determine just that.

More detailed photos of the Li-Ning YU Shuai V “Wooden Cow” follows after the jump.

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