Video: Cleveland’s Response to LeBron James “Rise” Commercial

A few weeks ago, LeBron James appeared in his first Nike commercial since leaving the town of Cleveland. The video, entitled Rise, came as a response to the backlash the young superstar’s been receiving from Cleveland fans due to his decision to peruse his dreams of winning an NBA Championship in South Beach with the Miami Heat. In response to LeBron’s commercial a filmmaker from Ohio has remixed the video with the reactions of disgust fans who display their anger with their answers to the “what should I do?” questions the former Cavalier asks throughout the commercial. Since being uploaded four days ago on YouTube, the video has already been viewed well over 2.3 million times, which is quite impressive considering the LeBron commercial has 3.4 million views since it was published 15-days ago on October 24th.

If you’re wondering, LeBron has seen Cleveland’s response to his commercial and he’s responded as well. Before tipping off against New Orleans on Friday Night, LeBron was asked about his thoughts on the video0 in which he responded that it was nothing more than alright and that Cleveland “could have done a better job”. Follow the jump to see what Cleveland has to say.


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