Nike Dunk High “Jose’ Parla” Customs

MizzeeCustoms is back with yet another custom creation he just recently finished up as an addition to his private stock. Using a Nike Dunk High as a base, Mizzee infused the signature style of Jose’ Parla throughout the shoes, a well-renowned graffiti artist who he looks up to as a fellow creator. The wild design features plenty of focal points to catch your attention. To set the base for the design, Mizzee mixed various shades of brown, tan, yellow, blue and red to give the sneakers an aged and rustic look. From there, brushstrokes in black and white were applied to various sections of the shoes, made to look like the marker/brush work Jose’ Parla demonstrates in his work. Furthermore, the Swoosh has a color changing effect which transitions between green, brown and black. In an art sense, what Mizzee did here is a masterpiece. He even went as far as creating a custom box to match and complete the theme.

Continuing reading for a closer look at the detailing of the Nike Dunk High “Jose’ Parla” Customs by MizzeeCustoms.

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