PickYourShoes x Reebok Question Mid “All-Star” Pack

Online sneaker retailer PickYourShoes teamed up with Reebok to bring back Allen Iverson’s first signature sneaker in one of the original, exclusive colorways. We’re of course talking about the Reebok Question Mid “All-Star” which was designed back in 2000 when Allen Iverson made his first of 9 appearances in the NBA All-Star Game. The color palette of yellow and navy blue is set to match that of the Golden State Warriors whose arena hosted the All-Star Game that year. The sneakers had originally released in an small amount and haven’t been seen since. Since the return is epic, PickYourShoes branched out to a few other companies to join in the project and design products to be sold alongside the sneakers as a bundle. Included is a yellow watch from Deuce Brand, a navy beaded bracelet from Good Wood and a Reebok x PickYourShoes mousepad, all of which are packaged with the sneakers for $110. Additionally, and not included in the bundle, are a few t-shirts designed by Sneaktip and Undercrwn for those looking for a fresh tee to go along with their new pickup.

The bundle pack and the t-shirts can all be found now through PickYourShoes. A closer look at all the items follow after the jump.

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