Video: Power Laces on Good Morning America

Tinker Hatfield and Nike aren’t the only ones working on a futuristic, self-lacing sneaker. In fact, a female inventor by the name of Blake Bevin may already be a few steps ahead of them. A hotel manager from San Fransisco by trade and an amateur MacGyver on the side, Blake is the creator of Power Laces, a self-tightening sneaker which she originally developed from spare parts around the hotel for her grandmother with Parkinsons disease. And believe it or not, she created the whole setup in about 12hrs. After a YouTube video of the sneakers went viral, Blake’s been fielding a ton of questions about the invention, including a sit down interview on Good Morning America earlier today where she explains the shoe and demonstrates it for the cameras.

The Power Laces project is still in desperate need of funding in-order to complete the promos and the final design. If you’re interested in backing the project and helping push it along, Blake has set up a page at KickStarter where you can donate between $5 and $250. At the moment you need to press a small button for the self-tightening system to function, but Blake promises that once the project is fully funded there will be a polished, hands-free version which will tighten and un-tighten without pushing any buttons.

To check out the video and hear what Blake has to say, follow the jump.

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