Nike Air Max Trainer 1 “All Sport”

The Air Max Trainer 1 is engineered to the exact specifications of championship athletes. It’s worn in the gym and during training by the best in basketball, baseball, tennis, and soccer. There’s probably even a bunch of hockey athletes who choose to hit the gym or streets during the off season to train in the Air Max Trainer 1. With the sneaker designed for the most-elite in all sports, Nike put together the Nike Air Max Trainer 1 “All Sport” which brings together an element from some of the different sports. Most noticeable is a felt, tennis ball-like toe panel, a soccer ball printed heel panel, and a textured ankle panel resembling the texture of a basketball. We aren’t quite sure how exactly football and baseball are worked into the design, if at all. Do you spot any possible elements which could tie into those two sports? From what’s being reported by Modern Notoriety, the one who’s supplied us with these photos, the Nike Air Max Trainer 1 “All Sport” has unfortunately not be produced for a retail release and is just a sample.

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