Nike “Attack of the 90’s” T-Shirt

In light of the Air Max 90’s 20th anniversary Nike’s designed a couple new graphic tees which take us back to the era when the shoes were first introduced. Yesterday we showed you our personal favorite, the Nike Airmaxadelic t-shirt with a bowl of “NINETIES” – a clever play on an old Wheaties advertisement.  This one is pretty neat too, so we couldn’t pass up posting it. Known as the “Attack of the 90’s”, this graphic tee imitates a B-Grade movie poster inspired by one of the many “Attack of the Whatever” horror movies you’d decades ago with a pack of Air Max 90’s closing in on a young terrified woman. Along the side are movie-like credits and awards which include Best Newcomer in 1990, Critics Pick and Voted The Most Aired Out.

If you’re interested you can get the Nike “Attack of the 90’s” T-Shirt through Eastbay for $20.

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