Nike Dunk High “Cease & Desist Pack” by Diversitile

Some time ago we showed you two pairs of custom Nike Dunks created by Diversitile Custom Clothing which featured colors and graphics relating to Iron Man and War Machine. Diversitile’s original plan was to produce both sneakers in a limited run of sizes and offer them to the public. But with the shoes carrying the names of trademarked characters and appearing in signature colorways, something which could have some people thinking they’re affiliated with the Iron Man movie, Paramount Pictures quick put the kibosh on the idea, sending Diversitile a cease and desist letter to put a stop on the project before facing legal action. Refusing to give up their idea and design which gained a great deal of attention, enough so it caught the attention of Paramount, Diversitile flipped two familiar looking sneakers into what’s now known as the “Cease and Desist Pack”. The name of the pack obviously comes from the letter Paramount had sent Diversitile and the black and white shades used throughout the sneakers signifies the character inspired colors and names Paramount put a squash too, sort of draining the life out of the two original versions. Kinda of an interesting concept when you put it all together.

The Cease Dunks feature black suede, leather, and gunmetal panels with silver accents. The gunmetal also has a patent leather texture to it, giving an interesting feel to the shoe. The most interesting feature to the whole shoe though is the purple LED light on the tongue which is said to be capable of 200+ hours of non-stop use and can easily be turned on and off by removing an included battery hidden in an easily accessible compartment.

The second pair, the Desist Dunk’s, feature a much cleaner look, being mostly white fused with cool and darker grey panels and silver accents on toe and faded features. The LED light on the tongue is round with a cool blue/teal glow to it and just like the other one it’s capable of 200+ hours of non-stop use. Although not shown here, Diversitile created matching tees to go along with both these custom Dunks, either of which you can get now by hitting them up now through their website. If you prefer to just take a look at the sneakers follow the jump for more pictures.

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