Foamposite Air Force 1 Hi “Black” – More Photos

The Black Foamposite Air Force 1 Hi has surfaced in photos numerous times now. They’ve also become available through numerous resellers, which in exchange provides us with more photos of the sneakers to check out while we wait to do so in store. This newest batch of photos comes from in52, who’s taken pictures of the sneakers inside and out for your viewing pleasure. It’s taking quite a while for the Silver Foamposite Air Force 1 Hi to sell out through distributors, with a few sizes still available through NikeStore, which leads us to believe people really didn’t jump for them as Nike had anticipated. This black version though may prove differently as they’re as tone as can be compared to their flashy counterpart. Nike’s briefly mentioned when they’re planning to launch the sneakers, but at this time nothing is confirmed yet. It will defiantly be towards the end of this year though.

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