Nike Trainer 1.2 Mid “Neon Pack”


The Nike Trainer 1.2 Mid is one of Nike’s newest athlete-approved trainers providing superior comfort from the field to the gym. Built on the Trainer 1 platform from 2009, the Trainer 1.2 combines the aesthetics which made the original sneaker a preferred choice among athlete’s with the addition of a midfoot strap for a more secure fit during those intense workout session’s. The newest round of Trainer 1.2 Mid’s making their way to distributors is the “Neon Pack” which consists of two Black-based pair’s incorporating neon attributes. One pair features the use of Blue, Pink and Neon Yellow accents while the other drops the Pink and sticks with a mix of just Blue and Neon Yellow. Both have been spotted at Japanese retailer at Sports Mario and should be arriving on US shores in the near future.

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