UNDFTD x New Balance Sonic 574 Pack


Recently New Balance introduced their brand new Sonic 574 Collection which features sonic welding, an environmentally friendly alternative to sewing or gluing the sneakers together by using heat and pressure to permanently fuse the panels together at the seams. The process in return cuts down on excess waste and creates an airtight shoe. Wasting no time in putting their own spin on the Sonic 574, James Bond and Eddie Cruz, from renowned sneaker shop Undefeated, reached out to the footwear giant to become the first shop to ever collaborate on the sneakers.

Using inspiration from retro sweatshirts from the 80’s, the UNDFTD x New Balance Sonic 574 Pack features sonically bonded suede and reverse weave fleece uppers with New Balance’s signature “N” logo constructed from a fuzzy chenille material to complete the old school varsity sweatshirt look. The Pack consists of Grey/Red-Blue and Black/Red-Blue colorways which will launch on September 18th, 2010 through Undefeated locations alongside matching apparel. For a closer look at the two sneakers, follow the jump.

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