Pre-Order: Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Pearl”


A lot of would-be consumers were left empty handed last year when Nike released a limited run of the Air Foamposite Pro “Pearl”. Gladly wanting to hand over their money in exchange for what’s been said to be the most popular Foamposite Pro model, Nike left it nearly impossible for most people to do. They’re making it up this year though by re-releasing the Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Pearl” on a much wider level. If you missed out in 2009 or you just want another pair to keep on ice, you should of plenty of options on where you can get a pair. If you feel as if you’ll miss out again, do yourself a favor and pre-order a pair now through Foot Locker. The shoes are slated to officially hit distributors on September 3rd, 2010, in which at that time your order will be shipped.

Nike_Air_Foamposite_Pro_pearl-2 Nike_Air_Foamposite_Pro_pearl-3 Nike_Air_Foamposite_Pro_pearl-4 Nike_Air_Foamposite_Pro_pearl-5 Nike_Air_Foamposite_Pro_pearl-6 Nike_Air_Foamposite_Pro_pearl-7 Nike_Air_Foamposite_Pro_pearl-8 Nike_Air_Foamposite_Pro_pearl-9

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