Custom “Playstation” Sneaker Box for “Playstation” Sneakers


Custom sneaker’s are pretty common on Sneaker Obsession. As are custom sneaker boxes which are at times included with some of the sneakers. While the Nike Air Force 1 “Playstation” and the Nike Trainer 1 “Playstation” shown above aren’t custom sneakers, the box they sit on is, and it’s one of the most creative and innovative boxes we’ve ever seen. Joe from the Long Island-based boutique Sneaker Bistro had this creative box fabricated for his Playstation Air Force 1’s. Looking like an authentic Playstation 2 system, the box is highly detailed with functional controller and memory card ports, fake power switches and USB ports, fake inserts for the cooling fan on the back and PS2 branding on the top. Taking it a step further, the inside of the box was designed to look like a blue circuit board with hidden LED lights that give off a bright blue glow at the flip of a switch.

To check out some more detailed photos, follow the jump. Via: UGSoles

playstation-4-sneaker-box playstation-4-sneaker-box-2 playstation-4-sneaker-box-3 playstation-4-sneaker-box-4 playstation-4-sneaker-box-5 playstation-4-sneaker-box-6 playstation-4-sneaker-box-7 playstation-4-sneaker-box-8 playstation-4-sneaker-box-9 playstation-4-sneaker-box-10

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