Jay-Z x Nike Air Force 1 “ABE” Collection Tops $10K (So Far)


Jay-Z fans and Air Force 1 fanatics have proven the Jay-Z x Nike Air Force 1 “All Black Everything” Collection to among some of the most sought after Air Force 1’s, giving KAWS’ Air Force 1’s and the Playstation Air Force 1’s a run for their money in terms of price point and how much people are willing to drop on a pair.

Jigga stepped outside his Rocawear realm, which produces their own line of footwear, to take Nike up on an offer to design five one-of-a-kind country-specific Air Force 1’s honoring the nations attending the World Basketball Festival. In his own signature “All Black Everything” style, Jay designed each of the Air Force 1’s with a murdered-out finish from top to bottom, giving each one of the shoes their own unique material construction. Making it clear who’s behind the design’s, HOV replaces the AIR hit in the Nike logo on the tongue tag. Each pair also consists of detailing tying them back to each of the five country’s – France , USA, Brazil, China and Puerto Rico – such as the nation’s name debossed on the left heel panel, their signature colors used various graphics beneath a translucent outsole, and an insole which has the flags of all four country’s lined up with the respective country’s colors shown on the flag and all the rest left in black and white.

The All Black Everything Collection was not only created to honor the World Basketball Festival, it was also developed to help benefit the Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund which believes every individual should have an opportunity to further their education. All five of the Air Force 1’s have been listed on eBay with 100% of the proceeds going directly to the foundation. In the 6 days so far that the collection’s been listed, the total of all five sneakers tops a whopping $10,000. To be exact, $10,850. There’s still 6 more days left for bidding too, so we’re sure we’ll see the prices climb even higher yet. Right now the USA version comes in as the most expensive model in the pack, sitting at $3,050 with 36 bids. The others aren’t far behind though with the China version currently at $2,550, France at an even $2,000, Puetro Rico climbing at $1,650 and Brazil bringing up the rear at $1,575, all pretty astonishing figures.

If you can spend that kind bread and wanna donate your money to a good cause in exchange for one of the most limited Air Force 1’s you’ll ever lay hands on, go do your thing on eBay, otherwise follow the jump and enjoy the photos.

USA Version

jay-z-air-force-1-black-everything-usa jay-z-air-force-1-black-everything-usa-2 jay-z-air-force-1-black-everything-usa-3 jay-z-air-force-1-black-everything-usa-4 jay-z-air-force-1-black-everything-usa-5 jay-z-air-force-1-black-everything-usa-6

France Version

jay-z-air-force-1-black-everything-france jay-z-air-force-1-black-everything-france-2 jay-z-air-force-1-black-everything-france-3 jay-z-air-force-1-black-everything-france-4 jay-z-air-force-1-black-everything-france-5

China Version

jay-z-air-force-1-black-everything-china jay-z-air-force-1-black-everything-china-2 jay-z-air-force-1-black-everything-china-3 jay-z-air-force-1-black-everything-china-4 jay-z-air-force-1-black-everything-china-5 jay-z-air-force-1-black-everything-china-6

Brazil Version

jay-z-air-force-1-black-everything-brazil jay-z-air-force-1-black-everything-brazil-2 jay-z-air-force-1-black-everything-brazil-3 jay-z-air-force-1-black-everything-brazil-4 jay-z-air-force-1-black-everything-brazil-5 jay-z-air-force-1-black-everything-brazil-6

Puerto Rico Version

jay-z-air-force-1-black-everything-puerto-rico jay-z-air-force-1-black-everything-puerto-rico-2 jay-z-air-force-1-black-everything-puerto-rico-3 jay-z-air-force-1-black-everything-puerto-rico-4 jay-z-air-force-1-black-everything-puerto-rico-5

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