Nike Air Force 1 “Foamposite” Available on eBay


Did you head out this morning and pick up the first-of-its-kind Air Force 1 “Foamposite”? If you slept in and didn’t hit the distributors early, chance are they’re gonna be sold out everywhere you go. As usual though, a couple resellers have listed a few pairs on eBay, giving those who missed their chance this morning another shot at picking a pair up. It’ll cost you, but if you make the decision soon it won’t be all to bad. The current going price on eBay is $240, plus $13 for shipping, bring a total up to $253 for door to door service. Reasonable considering the retail price of $185. Once these are gone though there’s not telling what the price may jump to down the road when they begin to pop up one by one. If you want em, get em now, just don’t break out some sort of Shiny Suit to go along with em. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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