Solebox x Reebok Omni Zone Pump


Are illuminated sneakers set to become the newest trend in footwear again? Yesterday we saw the Oryon x TRON: Legacy x Adidas Heat Check TS which will light up the night thanks to the Oryon’s polyurethane lamps, and now we’ve got a look at an upcoming pair of Reebok’s which also include some glowing features.

Working alongside Hikmet and his team at Solebox, Reebok produced a pair of illuminated Omni Zone Pump’s. This isn’t the first time Solebox and Reebok have incorporated light-up features in a pair of sneakers. Such an effect was used on the Reebok Pump which Solebox designed for the 20th Anniversary of the shoe. This time though the element is used in a much wider area. During daylight hours or whenever you decide to turn the light off, the sneakers look pretty simple with a Black base, subtle accents of Grey and a White mid-sole and a red lining. However, that simple look can quickly turn into an attention getter when the tiny bulbs placed within the side panel are turned on to give off a Red glow behind the clear side panel.

It’s to early at this time to announce an exact release date but Solebox and Reebok are hoping for an release sometime early on in 2011.


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