Oryon x TRON: Legacy x adidas Heat Check TS


After 28 years Steven Lisberger’s sci-fi film TRON will finally see a sequel on the big screen. Under the direction of Joseph Kosinski, TRON: Legacy brings us back into the digital world Lisberger created back in 1982. Walt Disney Pictures own the distribution rights to the film and in an attempt to push anticipation for the movie into high gear they’ve reached out to Oryon Technologies and adidas to design a futuristic-like sneaker that Kevin Flynn (main character) would kill for.

Deciding upon the adidas Heat Check TS, Oryon Technologies, a company which has developed an illuminating printing system for thick polymer films and textile fabrics, was brought into the picture to give the sneakers a TRON-like feel. Using the patented, flexible electroluminescent lamps created by Oryon Technologies, the adidas Heat Check TS gives off a bright Aqua glow around the heel and on three-stripes across the mid-section. To go along with the kicks the brand’s produced what looks to be an adidas hoodie with the same illuminated technology.

No official release details are available at this time, so in the meantime check out a few more pictures of the shoes and the shirt are the jump and stay tuned for further info.

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