Air Max 90 “Infrared” #GotMine! Tee


The crew at Inside The Sneaker Box presents their first in house release, producing a t-shirt to go along with the recent release of the Nike Air Max 90 “Infared”. The shirt features a sneaker box character designed by Inside The Sneaker Box which takes on the characteristics of the styling and labels of a Jordan Brand box. The character’s tongue tongue and eyes are colored to match the Infrared accents on the Air Max 90 with a speech bubble appearing for it’s mouth which reads “#GOTMINE!”, a hashtag used by Inside The Sneaker Box and it’s followers whenever posting their new pick-ups on Twitter. The label on the sneaker box which includes the Inside The Sneaker Box name, listings of what they do, and the actual bar code and style number for the Air Max 90 “Infrared”, also appears on the back of the shirt.

infrared-air-max-90-got-mine-tee-2 infrared-air-max-90-got-mine-tee-3 infrared-air-max-90-got-mine-tee-4 infrared-air-max-90-got-mine-tee-5 infrared-air-max-90-got-mine-tee-6

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