DC LIFE Cadet Chukka & Sector 7 TXSE


Elegant and casual. That’s just one of the many ways to describe the range of footwear available from DC LIFE. Using their know-how in developing skate shoes, DC Shoes formed DC LIFE as a lifestyle brand which takes more of a grown-man, club-friendly approach. The Admiral and Admiral Sport have been two of the more popular styles from the brand but this coming Fall they’re gonna have some stiff competition as two new models are introduced into the lineup, the Cadet Chukka and the Sector 7 TXSE.

Everybody’s got a Chukka these days, so DC LIFE put their own signature touch on a turf-boot, calling it the Cadet Chukka (shown above). When we originally saw a preview of the boots they appeared in six different colors – Grey, Brown, White, Red and two in Black. The Grey version which was part of the bunch is shown here in more detailing, clearly giving us a better look at the full-grain and leather detailing and displaying a defining element we couldn’t originally make out at the time. Printed in a repeating pattern throughout the leather toe is DC’s signature pill design, something which could make or break this particular model for you.

The other sneaker set to launch as part of the company’s Fall/Winter 2010 Collection is the Sector 7 TXSE (shown after jump). Appearing to look like the original Sector 7, we’re not quite sure what the TXSE hit stands for here, but the shoes are shown consisting of a two-tone Grey upper constructed from nylon with Stone Blue accenting around the collar and on the sole.

Both are expected to arrive at select DC LIFE accounts soon. For a closer look at either of the two follow the jump. Via: Hypebeast

dc-life-cadet-chukka dc-life-caddet-chukka-2 dc-life-caddet-chukka-3 dc-life-sector-7-txse dc-life-sector-7-txse-2 dc-life-sector-7-txse-3

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