Nike SB Classic “Fireball” Customs

Gibson Fireball Nike SB Classic

Since dropping off the grid for a couple months and recently making his return, sneaker customizer C2 has been killin it just like the good ol’ days. One of the latest projects he finished up involves this Nike SB Classic which was crafted for Don Henderson, the Senior Manager of Creative Expression at Apple Education. Don expressed that a few of his interest’s involved the guitar, photography, sunsets, and the color orange, which C2 explains was “quite a scatter plot of starting points for designing a pair of sneakers“. However, he was determined to combine as many of Don’s interest’s as possible with hopes of creating a wearable piece of art. The final result brings us the Nike SB Classic “Fireball” which involves everything but the photography aspect.

The name and overall design of the sneakers comes straight from Gibson Guitar’s “Fireball” finish which is used on their premier models. C2 managed to replicate the exact pattern and colors of Gibson’s “Fireball” finish throughout the entire upper of the shoe. Next, C2 hand crafted black leather tongues featuring a guitar neck that acts as the lace holder which keeps the tongue up and in place during wear and display. Metallic silver stitching was then used throughout the tongue to represent the six strings of a guitar. The stitching also acts as reinforcement for the lace loop to help keep its shape and rigidity. A guitar headstock acts as the tongue pull for the sneakers while displaying the names of C2 and Don across the top in lettering based off the Gibson font.

For a closer look at this masterpiece and the fine craftsmanship C2 is known for, follow the jump. There’s also a shot of a Gibson Guitar with the Fireball finish for comparison.

Gibson Fireball Nike SB Classic 2 Gibson Fireball Nike SB Classic 3 gibson-fireball-nike-sb-classic-4 gibson-fireball-nike-sb-classic-5 gibson-fireball-nike-sb-classic-6 gibson-fireball-nike-sb-classic-7

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