Puma x Size? x Sneaker Freaker – R698 Reaction Pack


Having had much success last year with a collaboration involving Solebox and their R698, Puma reached out to Size? and Sneaker Freaker to have the two heavyweights put their own spin on the classic running shoes. Each brand was presented with their own R698 to work with, creating two uniquely designed sneakers which together form the R698 Reaction Pack. Although only visible in a few preview photos, we’re able to see the direction the companies went for when designing their version. Size? opted to go for somewhat of an elegant look, covering their R698 in premium brown leather and working in some details inspired by wing-tip shoes. The shoe also helps celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Size? as you can see by their 10th Anniversary logo across the tongue, an element that’s appeared on other products celebrating 10-years in business. Sneaker Freaker on the other hand simply just put together a dope colorway in a mix of off-white, black and a few dabs of lavender.

According to FreshNGood, an official release date is set for August 14th, 2010. Detailed photo should hopefully be coming soon, so stay tuned for a closer look.


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