Vans colored by Crayola – Entire Collection


Little did we know at the time, our first and second preview of the Vans colored by Crayola collection featured only a portion of what’s being made available in this unique collaboration between the crayon maker and footwear manufacturer. Now that the pack is officially out, we’re starting to learn more about what’s included in the lineup. As it stands right now, we’ve only been able to come across the Vans colored by Crayola collection in an assortment of infant, toddler and youth sizes. There is however mention of a select few becoming available in adult sizes. We just aren’t sure which ones will make the transfer, or when exactly they’ll become available, so keep your eyes peeled at your local retailer and online for them to arrive outta the blue.

The entire Vans colored by Crayola collection consist of 5 Authentic’s, 2 Era’s, 2 SK8-Hi’s and 4 Classic Slip-On’s, making up for a total of 13 uniquely designed sneakers. Each one is made to appear as if they’ve been colored by kids using crayons and comes packaged in a Crayola-like sneaker box. Further extending the theme are crayon-like lace tips and insoles which include the Vans colored by Crayola logo that was designed specifically for the collection. There’s also a coloring book produced by Crayola to go along with the sneakers which is believed to have been distributed to only a few of the distributors selling the sneakers. No word has been mentioned on what exactly covers the inner pages.

If you’ve got a young one at home or you’re still a young one yourself, you can shoot over to Zappos now to get all but the SK8-Hi models. As mentioned, there’s word that’s there’s a few available in adult sizes, so you may wanna inquire about further info at any distributor you see supplying the styles for the kids. For a look at the entire collection follow the jump.

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