SN’EADS – The Consequence


After keeping the world on the edge of their seats for weeks, Lebron James officially announced last night that he’s decided to leave Cleveland and join D. Wade and Chris Bosh, his “Redeem Team” partners, on the Miami Heat. With all the hoopla surrounding THE DECISION, our favorite sneakerhead comic, SN’EADS, decided to present us with a brand new comic strip entitled “The Consequence”.

The strip starts out at Kobe’s estate, the day after THE DECISION, where D. Wade and the two fresh faces representing the Heat are seen confronting Kobe about how they’re coming after the championship trophy, which Kobe is quick to laugh off. Later in the day, during Miami’s media event, LeBron finds himself in a little bit of pickle, trying to persuade a fellow Miami Heat teammate with a deal that some of us wouldn’t dare pass up. To see how this comic strip ends, follow the jump.


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