Nike SB Dunk “Beatles LOVE” Customs


If you’ve never been to a Cirque Du Soleilevent I highly recommend attending one whenever a show visits an area near you. The circus arts-meets-street entertainment act is brilliantly choreographed and introduces a whole new world of performing arts. Founders Guy LalibertĂ© and Daniel Gauthier, and their team of the industry’s best, have produced a variety of different shows since their establishment in 1984, some of which travel the globe and others which are fixed to a set location, such as the Beatles LOVE show continuously running in the heart of Las Vegas.

It just so happens that one of those very performers in the Cirque Du Soleil Beatles LOVE show is a fellow sneaker enthusiast and reached out to sneaker customizer Swavey to get a pair of custom Dunks showing some love for the act he partakes in every night, entertaining endless droves of tourists catching a break from the slots and buffets.

Using the Nike SB Dunk High “Wet Floor” as a base and keeping it as is, Swavey mocked up some graphics throughout the sneakers which come straight from the Cirque Du Soleil Beatles LOVE poster. A swooping red, white and yellow pattern is seen on the midpanel of each each which wrap around to the heel panel of the medial side, with The Beatles printed on the lateral heel of the left sneaker and the Cirque Du Soleil LOVE logo printed on the heel of the right sneaker. Based on their inspiration these are pretty dope and I could defiantly see something like this as an official release. Unfourently ‘re not though, so just enjoy the pics folks.

beatles-love-nike-dunk-high-2 beatles-love-nike-dunk-high-3 beatles-love-nike-dunk-high-4 beatles-love-nike-dunk-high-5 beatles-love-nike-dunk-high-6 beatles-love-nike-dunk-high-7 beatles-love-nike-dunk-high-8 beatles-love-nike-dunk-high-9 beatles-love-nike-dunk-high-10 beatles-love-nike-dunk-high-11


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