Nike Air Max LeBron VIII – White/White Sample


Towards the end of June we got our very first previewof LeBron James’ next signature sneaker, the Nike Air Max LeBron VIII. The photos were cropped and blurred to leave us with a little wonder as to what they looked liked when all pieced together. Within 72hrs to wondered no more as detailed images of the Air Max LeBron VIII in a Chicago Bulls-like colorway of Black/Red quickly made their way around the internet. Expected release dates came the next day.

If you’ve been following along, you may recall that the version we saw in the previews was of a white Air Max LeBron VII sample, a version which we didn’t see listed for a release in this years Nike catalog. As it turns out though, they are expected to touch down, in what is believed to be only kids sizes at this time.

Thanks to LRJ23, the site which originally provided the previews, we’ve got some detailed images of the Nike Air Max LeBron VIII White/White to share with you. Currently in the sample phase and still trying to find it’s way, this version of the LeBron VIII sports an entirely white base and includes one minor detail which is sure to be changed come their official release. On the back you’ll notice LeBron’s “LBJ23” logo, something which we shouldn’t be seeing anymore given the fact LeBron put in a request to change his jersey number to  6, retiring the #23 in honor of his Airness.

An official release date can’t be confirmed at this time but it’s expected that they’ll launch sometime before the year comes to an end. And as mentioned, it’s reported that these will only release as a kids model, but if Nike were to have released these in mens sizes, would you rock the solid white Air Max LeBron VIII or do you prefer some contrasting features?

nike-air-max-lebron-viii-white-kids-2 nike-air-max-lebron-viii-white-kids-3 nike-air-max-lebron-viii-white-kids-4 nike-air-max-lebron-viii-white-kids-5 nike-air-max-lebron-viii-white-kids-6 nike-air-max-lebron-viii-white-kids-7 nike-air-max-lebron-viii-white-kids-8 nike-air-max-lebron-viii-white-kids-9 nike-air-max-lebron-viii-white-kids-10 nike-air-max-lebron-viii-white-kids-11 nike-air-max-lebron-viii-white-kids-12 nike-air-max-lebron-viii-white-kids-13 nike-air-max-lebron-viii-white-kids-14 nike-air-max-lebron-viii-white-kids-15 nike-air-max-lebron-viii-white-kids-16

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