Fianl Day for 20% Off at Eastbay


If you’re looking to snatch up some of your favorite sneakers at a price before retail, don’t miss out on the 20% off sale going on at Eastbay. Today is the final day of the sale so don’t wait to long to decide on what you’ll add to your collection next. Eastbay also recently marked the prices down on a lot of great styles too, so when you combine the markdown with the 20% discount, you’ll be getting an unbelievable price. Just remember though, you’re order needs to be over $99 to take advantage of this offer, so you may need to scoop up 2 or 3 pairs if you find a few that are that cheap, which there are some.

Details on how save 20% are listed on Eastbay, so hit em up now to grab yourself a new pair of kicks for the summer.

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