Nike SB “Street Fighter” Pack – Chun Li & Ryu


Arcade games like Donkey Kong and Pac-Man are iconic in video game history, however, unless you were born earlier then the mid t0 late 70’s and at an age old enough to play such games when they came out in the early 80’s, you’re fondest memories as a youngster probably have you recalling the days standing around a Street Fighter machine. Back in the early 90’s there use to be droves of kids standing around Capcom’s Street Fighter, all waiting for a chance to grab the joystick and dual it with a fellow enthusiast in a winner moves on challenge. If your weren’t around when arcades were a major fixture in cities, you most likely remember pulling all-nighters with your friends, playing SF on something like Super Nintendo.

It appears the folks at Nike SB can remember those days as well, introducing pack of SB Dunk’s inspired by a few of the characters from the series. Here we have an SB Dunk Low honoring Chun Li and the new Strapless SB Dunk Mid honoring Ryu. The color palette for each sneaker of course comes from the character outfit in the game. Therefore, the SB Dunk Low “Chun Li” sports a blue base with accents of gold and white to coordinate with the dress she wears, while the Ryu SB Dunk Mid matches the characters white sleeveless gi and red headband.

No official release details have been announced at this time and it’s unclear at this time whether or not more characters will be introduced, so stay tuned for further details. If Nike SB were to design a few more, which characters would you like to see? Via: Snkrbook

Nike-Dunk-Low-Chun-Li Nike-Dunk-Mid-Ryu

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