Nike Air Force 1 Low “Apple Kid” Customs


As technology advances the minds of our youth follow. Growing up with all the latest gadgets and gizmos, kids are becoming extremely advanced in the technology field at a very young age. Which is the case of young whiz kid Aaron Hill, a 12 year-old known as The Apple Kid. Arron runs his own business in which he offers a personalized service for all of Apple’s products and although he only charges a small hourly fee, the youngster has managed to buy all his toys with his own money. And we’re not talking about things like Playstation and XBox games. The baby faced entrepuenur is able to roll with the big boys in the technology world, fronting the money for his own Macbook Pro, iPod, iPhone and iPad, among other things, such as these custom Air Force 1 Low’s.

After running into sneaker customizer C2 at the 2010 Apple Education Leadership Summit, Aaron Hill sprung some interest in some of the custom sneakers C2 designed and requested a pair of his own to honor his company and moniker. “Hill was looking for something colorful and bright, so we agreed on a four color paint splatter,” says C2. After including the paint splatter effect on the heel panel, C2 included Aaron’s logo on the toe box of each shoe and hide his initials within smaller splatter designs on the lateral toe of each shoe.

Whether your a fan of the design or not you gotta give it up to the young Aaron Hill and the success he’s had with his business regardless of his age. Anything’s possible in America!! If you own an Apple product make sure you check out his site at The Apple Kid.

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