Nike Air Max LeBron VIII Preview


There’s a lot of discussion surrounding LeBron James and his upcoming free agency beginning in just 9 days. The one thing everybody wants to know is, where will King James play next year? Will he start a legacy in NYC with another power-weight free agent on Knicks? Will he join fresh new face of the Nets consists of head coach Avery Johnson and the new Russian billionaire owner who’s got unlimited funds to pleasure LeBron with? Will he stay faithful to his hometown and continue his NBA career with the Cleveland Cavaliers? Or will he and another free agent such as Bosh team up for mediocre salaries to join Derrick Rose on the Chicago Bulls, creating what could possibly be an unstoppable trio reminiscent of the Jordan, Pippen and Rodman days in mid to late 90’s?

LeBron’s given no real indication on where his decision could lie, but one thing we know for sure is that no matter where LeBron goes, or doesn’t go, he’ll have himself a brand new signature sneaker. For what will be his 8th NBA season, Nike and it’s minion of designers whipped up LeBron’s 8th signature sneaker, the Nike Air Max LeBron VIII. Thanks to LRJ23 we’ve got a couple preview photos of the sneakers to share with you and although they’re blurred and cropped to avoid giving away the shoe in it’s entirety, you can get a pretty good idea of some of the key features. Keep in mind though, this is just a sample at this point and it’s going to be quite some time before an official Nike Air Max LeBron VIII is set in stone for production, so there could be a slew of changes between now and then.

When further details and images of the sneakers surface we’ll keep you informed, until then follow the break to check out the teaser images.

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