Early Nike SB July 2010 Releases @ FlatSpot


If you’re looking to scoop up some of the Nike SB July 2010 Releases a little early, you can get two of the forthcoming releases now through FlatSpot. The UK-based retailer has received the Nike SB Omar Salazar “Joker” and the Nike SB Blazer CS “Gumsole”. And if you’re wondering, yes, they do ship worldwide. With the conversion rate and the shipping the sneakers will cost you a tad bit more then if you were to wait until they hit retailers stateside, but we know how some of you are a little impatient, as am I.

This early release at FlatSpot also provides up with some nice detailed photos of the sneakers, so if you decide not to cop now and wait until they launch at a retailer in your area, follow the jump to check out the photos in the meantime.

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