Nike Zoom Flight V – Metallic Silver/White


No matter how much Jason Kidd may wanna leave his history with Nike behind him and start have people start recognizing him for his relationship with Peak, he will forever be known as a Nike boy. The fact Nike’s still banking off his old signature sneaker helps keep Kidd’s reign with the footwear giant alive and unfortunately for him and Peak, Nike’s doing so may be overshadowing Kidd’s signature sneakers with Peak. So it probably doesn’t really help the Chinese manufacturer when Nike releases something like the Zoom Flight V Metallic Silver/White shown here. Specially when it’s a Japanese exclusive, hitting Peak’s most profitable region where their signature sneaker with Jason Kidd stands one of it’s biggest chance for sales.

Those who live in Japan can get the sneakers through Mita now, those of us inside the US are unfortunately SOL on this one.


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