SN’EADS – Episode 8


SN’EADS returns for it’s 8th episode, bringing Wale, Kid Cudi and everyone’s favorite rapper of the moment, Drake, along for the ride. While a lot of the previous SN’EADS skits centered around current releases or current events within the sneaker community, this episode revolves around a debate we’ve all seen. Who’s got the best sneaker game?.

Wale is seen claiming he’s got heat for days and that nobody want’s to see what he’s really got. Cudi seems to be tired of the constant arguing about who’s got the best kicks, deciding to wear a kilt like only Cudi would. Meanwhile, Drake jumps in at the end to put both Wale and Kid Cudi in place, telling em what it’s really all about today. Being the character he is, Wale gets the last word in with a crack about Drake and his permanent stubble.

To see the entire SN’EADS – Episode 8 skit, follow the jump.


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