Nike Zoom Blazer “Bananaman” Customs


In an industry primarily made up of guys, female sneaker customizer Qustom Queen has managed to rise up the ranks and build a name for herself which holds weight with the best of the boys out there. Such a feat isn’t easy for any female in a testosterone heavy community, luckily for the Queen though, she’s full of originality and has implanted some of the most unique concepts into her customs to get people talking.

The latest innovation she’s introducing to us is a scratch ‘n sniff element which she’s included on the Nike Zoom Blazer “Bananaman”. Inspired by a 1980’s British comic that eventually evolved into a cartoon series on BBC, Qustom Queen brought Bananaman to life on this Nike Zoom Blazer with a blue and color scheme tied into the characters costume, tiny yellow banana’s scattered throughout and an enlarged graphic of the masked avenger flexing his muscles on the heel. To go along with the whole banana theme, Qustom Queen modified the tongue to appear as if it has banana peels on it, working her scratch ‘n sniff element into the material so that once you scratch it, it smells like a real banana. Reminds me of the scratch and sniff stickers from back in the day that teachers would reward you with for doing your homework. My only real incentive to do my work back then.

Pictures unfortunately do no justice for this custom sneaker as it’s one that really needs to be witnessed in hand to get to full experience. Qustom Queen has promised that we’ll be seeing more of her scratch n’ sniff concept in the future, so make sure you stay turned for a look at all the latest and greatest developments from the Queen.

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